10 Fresh Hipster Beard Styles For An Instant Facial Hair Update

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Hipsters are trendsetters. As a counterculture, hipsters have been and always will be the first to try new trends and create new looks that the mainstream crowd will eventually latch onto – and that means that keeping your look fresh is important if you want to maintain your hipster edge. We’ve combed through the most stylish guides on the internet to find the trendiest hipster beard styles that will give you an instant facial hair update so you can stay on top of your hipster game.

What Is a Hipster Beard?

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The first hipster beards went with the first Lumberjack-esque hipster look. It was long, full, and generally overgrown. When we think about hipster beard styles, we tend to think about the mountain of facial hair that most men have been gleefully sporting for the last decade. But is this all that a hipster beard is? Of course not.

What Makes a Beard Hipster?

We already know that hipsters set trends by doing the unexpected. Hipsters are bold. Hipsters are confident. Hipsters take great pleasure out of surprising the unsuspecting mainstream. Hipster beard styles are the same way.


Part of the hipster spirit is to undermine expectation and be ironic in some way. For hipster beard styles, the easiest way to achieve this is to make sure your beard is somehow a counter to either your hair, your fashion, or both.

The classic hipster beard was very full and long, but the hairstyle on the man was typically a shorter crew to offset the beard length. When you are updating your beard style, you’ll want to keep this in mind – your hair and your beard style should counter each other somehow.

Do You Need to Update Your Beard?

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If you’ve had the same beard style for the last five years and you’ve grown comfortable with it, you’re probably at least a little reluctant to hack all that hard work off.

It took a long time to grow that beard! We understand! But sometimes it’s a good idea to update your beard. There are several reasons why you might actually need to update your beard.


You might need to update your beard simply because of age. Let’s make no mistake here: a beard does age you. Beards make you look older – sometimes even 10 years older – than you actually are.

Looking older was cool when you were in your early twenties and wanted to seem more mature, but if you’re in your thirties or forties, you might be rethinking all that hair on your face. Even a subtle change in the shape of your beard can shave several years off of your appearance.

Face Shape

Our faces change shape over time. Sometimes this means that our features, like our noses, become more prominent. Other times it means that you’ve finally lost that tiny bit of baby fat that’s been lingering in your cheeks since you were a teenager.

In any case, when your face shape changes, the beard you have might need to change too. Beards that look good on men with square faces don’t tend to look good on men with triangle shaped faces.

Not sure about your face shape? Here’s a quick guideline

  • Round – A face that has soft lines at the jaw, cheeks, and forehead with equal distance between forehead to chin and ear to ear
  • Square – A face that has an angular jawline with equal distance between forehead to chin and ear to ear
  • Oval – A slightly rounded face that has a longer distance between forehead to chin
  • Rectangle – A long, squarish face with an angular jawline and a greater distance forehead to chin
  • Triangle – A face that is wide at the cheekbones but narrow at the jawline

Beards are meant to balance out the shape of your face to give you the most attractive outcome possible. You aren’t doing yourself any favors if you have a beard shape that is making your face look wider or emphasizing one feature too much. Face shape is something you will want to keep in mind as you pick out your new hipster beard style.


Some men change their beard styles simply for the sake of grooming. The upkeep on a beard can be time consuming, involving special soaps, waxes, oils, and combs to keep the beard looking healthy.

Sometimes grooming a larger beard is too much work if your life is getting hectic, so it only makes sense to change the beard to save yourself some time and effort. “Full” beards don’t necessarily have to be long beards, after all.


Another reason to change your beard style might have to do with skincare. Real talk right now: heavy beards can cause acne, redness, itchiness, and dry skin, especially on the cheeks and jawline and especially during the winter or the summer.

If your beard is causing you to have skin problems or you are having a difficult time with your skincare because of your beard, then it might be better to just try for a new beard style.

Some men might love the look of a Lumberjack beard but their skin doesn’t – and that’s okay. You have plenty of other options to choose from without sacrificing your skin.

Sculpt Your Facial Hair to Perfection With These 10 Hipster Beard Styles

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While the classic Lumberjack hipster beard probably won’t ever go out of style, it might be the case that this particular beard style is getting a little too mainstream and stale.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 freshest hipster beard styles so you can sculpt your facial hair to perfection.

1. The Classic Gentleman

This is a vintage beard style straight out of the 1940’s that is a combination of a short full beard and a mustache that has been waxed to flip up at the ends.

The beard grows right below the cheekbone and is just heavy enough to require some combing and conditioning. Overall a very classic and refined beard style that works well with slicked back hair or an undercut.

2. The Modern Classic

A contemporary take on the Classic Gentleman, this is a beard style that is low on grooming and looks good on every face shape.

The Modern Classic is a short beard and mustache combination that is slightly heavier than a scruff beard.

Depending on how fast your facial hair grows, you can achieve this short beard style within a month. Just keep the lines of the beard clean and the trim short.

3. The Fading Beard

This is a beard style that looks best when most of the beard is either short or medium-bodied. The fullness of the beard fades as it reaches the cheeks, sideburns, and hairline.

Ideally, this is a style that fades the beard right into a faded haircut, which gives the wearer a bit of an edgier look.

4. The Burly Beard

This is a beard that is a perfect combination of a fully grown Lumberjack beard and a length of the Classic Gentleman – which is why this beard is also sometimes called the Burly Gentleman.

This beard style is kept at a medium-short length that frames the jawline and has a slight fade toward the sideburns. It is a modern classic compromise between hipster fullness and perfect grooming.

5. The Curled Scruff

This is a style that combines a scruff around the goatee and jawline area with a medium-bodied mustache that has been waxed into a curl.

This style has many different variations but tends to look best when there is hair beneath the chin and when the mustache is well-groomed.

6. The Honor Roll

A very clean-cut take on the hipster beard, this is a style that allows you to grow your beard naturally and simply keep the length trimmed short to the face.

This is an easy to groom and easy to maintain beard style that looks good on most faces and is appropriate for the workplace.

7. The Rocker

An edgy alternative to the previous beard, this is a style that also allows you to grow your beard naturally to a medium-length.

The point of this beard is to not require too much grooming and to look intentionally unkempt.

There are a few variations of this beard, including cutting the bottom length at an angle to emphasize your jawline.

8. The Edgy Goatee

Hipster beard styles don’t always have to feature a full beard. A great alternative to a full beard is a slightly heavy goatee that is combined with scruff around the jawline.

This is a free-for-all style that allows you to trim your facial hair however you like – just keep the goatee a little long and you’re good to go.

9. The Grizzly Beard

This is a slight departure from the Lumberjack look. The Grizzly Beard is a natural beard that grows freely but it kept trimmed at a medium length and has faded sideburns.

10. The Close Trim

This is a combination of 5 o’clock shadow and a scruffy jaw strap beard. The aim is to highlight the angles of your jaw with a slightly heavy scruff that fades away to the temples.

This style looks best if it includes shadow over the mustache area, but can also look good with a waxed mustache.


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When it comes to beards, there is no wrong way to style one – but you should definitely make sure you pick a style that is flattering to the shape of your face and doesn’t prematurely age you.


You also want to make sure that you are growing a beard that you have time to groom.

If you’re ready to give your facial hair an instant update with a beard sculpted to perfection, then these 10 hipster beard styles are your best bet for getting ahead of the newest facial hair trends.

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