How Hipster Are You? Tally Up Your Score

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You march to the beat of a different drum. You have your own take on fashion and style. You are a graduate of a liberal arts college and are majorly into the counterculture. But seriously, how hipster are you? If you’re not sure, we’ve got the answers for you. 

What Is a Hipster?

Before determining how hipster are you, it’s important to look at what exactly a hipster is.

It’s too easy to fall into stereotypes when talking about hipsters. After all, that’s what happens when you try to categorize an entire group of people. Typically, however, hipsters are in their 20s or 30s, well-educated, and reject mainstream ideas and fashions in exchange for involvement in the counterculture. Honestly, this means hipsters conform as much as anyone. They simply conform against whatever is mainstream at the moment.

However, at their essence, hipsters are youngsters doing what young have always wanted to do: learn more about the world around them. This is one reason why so many hipsters enjoy traveling. Hipsters want to know the latest information about a new band, learn about the struggles on the other side of the globe, and embrace healthy eating and vegan lifestyles.

In a more general way, “hipster” is a term that is sometimes used to describe anyone who does not fit into society’s current mainstream role, whatever that is.

How Hipster Are You? 10 Signs You Fit the Description

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If you can say yes to most of the questions below, you might just be an early 21st century hipster:


You’re Obsessed With Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods

Hey, even a hipster has to eat. Why not eat organic and have the freshest options for everything? Never mind that the parking is terrible and that they’ve ruined the neighborhood to create a bigger parking lot. But hey, how about that salad bar at Whole Foods?


You Treat Beer Like a Fine Wine

It’s okay. We don’t blame you. After all, half of your friends are bartenders (a sure sign of a hipster!) and you’ve probably gained a lot of knowledge of the finer aspects of a good brew. True hipsters know how to have a discerning palate when it comes to beer, just as an expert wine taster knows the hints and hues of what he or she is drinking.  How hipster are you? Another sign–also related to beer— is that it’s hard for you to find a bar or restaurant that is not too pedestrian for your taste. You may avoid certain bars because you believe that’s where all the tourists go.


Cycling Is Your Obsession

Who needs a car? They’re bad for the environment, anyway. You prefer to cycle from place to place, and you may even judge someone for driving. You can’t even finish a conversation without praising–or criticizing–the number of bikeways or greenways in your city. In addition, no matter how many bikeways your area has, it seems they just can’t have enough.  Your bike is not the latest and greatest. In fact, it’s probably pretty old. You’re always tinkering with your bike and find that a lot of your income is going into repairing it or getting new gears. Biking is a definite answer to the question how hipster are you?


You Make a “Hipster Fashion Statement”

This is about much more than just big, boxy, unflattering glasses. (Although that’s a surefire answer to the question how hipster are you?) There’s a nuance about the hipster wardrobe. Perhaps you wear slouchy cotton beanies. Ladies might prefer a long-rimmed porkpie hat, or, even better, just decorate their hair with a garland crown of blooming flowers.

If you’re a hipster, certainly a huge chunk of your clothes came from thrift shops. Doc Martens are a must; and give yourself bonus points if they are in a pastel shade. Ripped jeans can complete the ensemble.

The point of a hipster wardrobe is that, even though you have money, you want to look like you don’t have it. By the way, “vintage” is the key when it comes to the hipster wardrobe. How hipster are you? If you draw inspiration from the fashions of 60 years ago, then there’s a good chance you’re a pretty impressive hipster. Think suspenders, not belts, and tight pants.

Tattoos and piercings are also trademark hipster fashion statements, in addition to scarves. It doesn’t matter what time of year or if you’re wearing long or short sleeves. If you’ve got an abundance of scarves that you wear on a regular basis, give yourself some points in the hipster category.

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image source: via Allef Vinicius


You Have Some Issues With Money

You didn’t know the answer to the question how hipster are you would deal with money, did you? Hipsters have a different take on money than others. For example, are you regularly broke but somehow always have the latest technology, greatest gadget, or the latest iPhone?

Here is a big question: do your parents help pay for that fancy apartment that you couldn’t afford on your own? Here’s another big question: are you over 20 and still living with your parents? If you answered yes to either of those, you’re headed into hipster territory.


You Have a Complicated Relationship With Food

When you’re not photographing your beautiful meal and putting it on Instagram, you’re embracing the vegan and gluten-free lifestyle, subsisting on sprouts, avocado and hemp seeds. You’re not afraid to put someone in their place when they aren’t eating healthy, and as mentioned in #1, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are your “go-to” spots.

How hipster are you? Let’s take a look at the coffee you drink. Of course, hipsters don’t hang out at Starbucks. If you’re a hipster, you probably prefer a hole-in-the-wall cafe off the beaten path, far away from the mainstream. You believe there are simply not enough burritos in the world, and kale always makes its way onto your plate. The key word is artisanal. You love everything from artisanal burgers, to brews, to specialty coffees. Anything that is out of the ordinary can be found in your pantry.


Gentrification Is a Dirty Word…Unless It Applies to You

Sure, you believe that the capitalist system is holding people back, and you’re dedicated to the best of the environment and the plight of the poor. Heck, you probably have a picture of yourself helping impoverished children in a third-world country during a volunteer trip you took a few years ago.

But gentrification? How hipster are you? If you’ve moved into a gentrified neighborhood, put some points in the hipster column. It’s a unique hipster contradiction: you’re concerned about the plight of the poor and oppressed, yet gentrification moves many lower income residents out of their neighborhoods.


You Own Vinyl Records

It’s not just vinyl records. You have the record player to play them on. You also have cassette tapes and perhaps you’ve even bought an adapter so you can play them in your new car. Forget digital cameras–you believe the older Polaroids are better. Well, maybe not better, but at least retro. How hipster are you? If you find you have a deep desire for vinyl just because it has a better sound and you love everything retro, you could have some serious hipster genes.


Facial Hair, Facial Hair and More Facial Hair

How hipster are you? If you’re a man, you won’t get your “hipster membership card” without a mustache or beard. But just having one isn’t enough. You have to dedicate the time and energy into it with beard oil, mustache wax and quality beard care products. When you style your beard and combine it with your shirts and one of your beanies, you almost look like a lumberjack. If you take your facial hair very seriously, it’s a big clue to how hipster are you?


You Reject Anything Mainstream

A great movie? Foreign films are best. Regular coffee? No, it has to be a roast from a particular country. The popular bar everyone enjoys? Too pedestrian. Forget American versions of TV shows; hipsters want to see the original–even if it’s subtitled. Hipsters want to travel the world and have unique experiences that help them develop as a person.

If it’s popular or trendy, you want nothing to do with it. How hipster are you? If you’re avoiding doing things because they are popular or trendy, then you march to the beat of a different drummer, and it is very likely that you have some bonus hipster points waiting for you.


How hipster are you? If any of these items sounded familiar, you could consider yourself solidly in hipster territory. While no one group can be narrowed down to a stereotype, typically, hipsters are those who embrace the counterculture, are into retro and vintage clothing, are obsessed with healthy eating, cycling, and artisanal beers and coffees. Thank goodness for those who are counterculture. Variety makes life worth living!

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