The Best EDC Pen: 10 Options for Giving Out Your Autograph (Amongst Other Things)

The Best EDC Pen 10 Options for Giving Out Your Autograph

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​When traveling or in the outdoors, you never know when you want to write something down. Writing a letter or taking notes can be calming and meditative. A normal disposable pen will write just fine, but it may not make it with you if you are traveling in extreme heat or cold, and it may leak in your bag or pocket. We made a list of the best EDC pens that will travel with you and write smoothly every time. These pens are absolutely rugged and still extremely comfortable to write with. With the best EDC pen, you look more reliable, and you can take down a note or sign a document without asking other people around you if you can borrow their pen.

​Product FAQ

​​1. What Is the Best EDC Pen?

An EDC pen is an everyday carry pen. The best EDC pen is one that can stand up to heavy use, pocket carrying, and even be carried in a bag without leaking or drying up. An EDC pen should not only be heavy-duty but also write smoothly and feel comfortable. An EDC pen is a great addition to your bag or pocket and can save you time if you need to write something down quickly or sign a document

​​2. Does an EDC Pen Have to Cost a Fortune?

There are many EDC Pens that have affordable price points on our best EDC pen list. You don’t have to pay a large amount to get a great EDC pen, and most of them are refillable, so they pay for themselves in the long run.

​​3. Are There EDC Pens with Dual Purposes?


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There are EDC pens that can serve survival and defense purposes. We reviewed several EDC pens that can be used to break glass or for self-defense if needed.

​​4. Are There Any Compact EDC Pens?

We reviewed several EDC pens that are compact enough to fit in a wallet or small pocket easily and have a lightweight design under half an ounce. These pens still write smoothly and have sturdy construction even with compact designs.

​​5. Are There Any Fountain EDC Pens?


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We reviewed several fountain EDC pens that have a fountain and nib for smooth signatures and low-pressure writing. The fountain pens also use cartridges for a convenient solution to refilling the pens with a jar of ink.

​​​6. What About EDC Pens Without a Cap?

We reviewed several EDC pens that have capless or retractable designs. This is great when traveling because you wouldn’t want to lose the cap to your pen and risk the pen leaking. Many of the EDC pens we reviewed also have a pocket clip and some have a case to keep the pen safe.

​​How We Reviewed


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We reviewed the best EDC pens based on characteristics that would help you keep the pen writing smoothly and leak-free during travel. We took into account the size and weight of the pens for easy portability. We looked at the design and structure of the pens to find the most durable ones to stand up to outdoor travel and working.

Each EDC pen we reviewed includes a price range and where the pen can be purchased. We checked how smoothly the pens write and if they are refillable to maximize your writing. Some pens we reviewed have a more practical design for writing, while others serve a purpose in survival and defense. We also looked at the style of the pen and find pens that look as great as they write.

Overall Price Range

We found that the construction and design of the pens had a great effect on the cost of the best EDC pens. Pens that can write in water or upside down tend to cost the most. Pens with intricate designs that help you write more efficiently also cost a bit more. We also found that pens made for tactical purposes, such as self-defense and survival, cost more. The lowest-priced pens are similar to disposable pens, but they are refillable and have a more durable construction.

​What We Reviewed

  • ​Fisher 400B Space Bullet Space Pen – Matte Black
  • ​Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen – Black [31-001880]
  • ​Pilot Portable Color Fountain Pen
  • ​Zebra Mini Ballpoint Pen 0.7 mm, Silver Body
  • ​Zebra F-701 Stainless Steel Ballpoint Retractable Pen
  • ​CRKT Williams Tactical Pen
  • ​Pilot G2 Limited Retractable Gel Ink Roller Ball Pen
  • ​Lamy Pico Ballpoint Pen, Black (L288)
  • ​Fisher Space Telescoping Space Pen
  • ​Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

​Fisher 400B Space Bullet Space Pen – Matte Black

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The Fisher 400B Space Pen is pressurized so it can write from any angle including upside down. The Space Pen was originally made in 1948 to be sent into space for astronauts to write with. Now, the Space Pen is available to anyone for writing on Earth. The Space Pen is extremely rugged, and won’t explode or leak. The pen ink will not freeze after hours in the winter snow, and the ink will not dry up.

The Fisher 400B Space Pen comes in a matte black or chrome finished brass color and weighs less than an ounce. The Space Pen writes on wet surfaces and even underwater. The pen can handle temperatures from -30 to 250-degrees Fahrenheit and comes with a lifetime warranty.

​Where to Buy

​Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen – Black [31-001880]

[amazon box=”B00B0BD3W0″]


The Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen is a pen that could save your life. The pen is sturdy and has a tip to break glass to save lives in a car accident. The pen is machined from steel and has a stainless steel clip. The ink works in rain and other weather conditions where normal pens would fail. The Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen is made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty. The pen comes in black, grey, and earthy colors and has a Cerakote ceramic coating for a better grip.

​Where to Buy

​Pilot Portable Color Fountain Pen

[amazon box=”B0091FTDO4″]


The Pilot Portable Color Fountain Pen is a great and affordable pen for everyone. The fountain pen writes smoothly, so it is perfect for signatures and autographs. The Pilot pen looks great and has a colorful translucent design.

The Pilot Portable Color Fountain Pen is small and lightweight. The pen is perfect for travel and won’t leak. It uses ink cartridges that are easy to load into the pen, so you don’t need to carry a jar of ink with you. The pen is available in 8 exciting color options to suit every style.

​Where to Buy

​Zebra Mini Ballpoint Pen 0.7 mm, Silver Body

[amazon box=”B0018RHUM0″]


The Zebra Mini Ballpoint Pen is a tiny pen with a sturdy design that is perfect for travel. The pen weighs less than half an ounce but writes like a larger pen. The Zebra is great for taking notes or signing documents. The pen has a refillable ink cartridge and has a 0.7mm fine tip. The pen is quite affordable and makes for an excellent everyday pen; it comes in a sleek silver color with a silver pocket clip.

​Where to Buy

​Zebra F-701 Stainless Steel Ballpoint Retractable Pen

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The Zebra F-701 Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen is made out of durable stainless steel, so it won’t break easily during travel or outdoor work environments. The pen is retractable, so you don’t have to worry about losing the cap, and you don’t have to worry about the ballpoint getting dirty or broken.

The Zebra F-701 Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen has a knurled grip texture so it won’t slip out of your hand. The ink is smooth and great for signatures and notes. The pen is refillable and uses a 0.8mm black ink cartridge. Even with its durable and heavy-duty design, the pen weighs less than an ounce, making it no problem to carry in a pocket or bag. The Zebra F-701 is a pen that we find to be the right combination of durability and affordability for an EDC pen.

​Where to Buy

​CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

[amazon box=”B0074FGPKI”]


The CRKT Williams Tactical Pen is made by a knife manufacturer because it is more than just a pen. The tactical pen is also a self-defense and survival tool. The pen is made of durable and non-reflective 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, which gives it a durable construction and unique look. The CRKT Williams Tactical Pen was designed by a martial arts expert and military officer, James Williams. The pen weighs quite a bit at over an ounce and includes a pocket clip and case. The pen is covered by a one-year warranty.

​Where to Buy

​Pilot G2 Limited Retractable Gel Ink Roller Ball Pen

[amazon box=”B00FACLJBM”]


The Pilot G2 Limited Retractable Gel Ink Pen is available in 8 colors at an attractive price point. The G2 is great for taking notes and signatures. The pen has a metal body and an ergonomic rubber grip that feels comfortable during long writing sessions. The pocket clip is a durable metal making the pen great for pocket carry.

The Pilot G2 Limited Retractable Gel Ink Pen is a standard sized pen and weighs under an ounce. The rollerball is a 0.7mm fine tip and is refillable with Pilot gel ink cartridges. The gel ink writes smoothly and makes signatures and autographs a breeze.

​Where to Buy

​Lamy Pico Ballpoint Pen, Black (L288)

[amazon box=”B001346XNA”]


The Lamy Pico Ballpoint Pen is compact and lightweight. It has an interesting design that is a great conversation starter. The pen is a durable metal and has an automatic retracting mechanism, so you won’t need to click or recap the pen. The Pico has a large variety of ink colors that are easy to swap. The Lamy Pico Pen is covered by a 2-year limited warranty.

​Where to Buy

​Fisher Space Telescoping Space Pen

[amazon box=”B000VC3FBS”]


The Fisher Space Telescoping Space Pen is an improvement on the original Fisher Space Pen by adding a retractable telescoping design, so you don’t have to worry about losing the cap. The pen works at any angle, including upside down, because it is made to be used without gravity. The pen can be used in temperatures from -30 to 250-degrees Fahrenheit and can write underwater. Then ink will not dry out or freeze, so it is always ready to write. The ink is refillable, and the pen has a sleek silver design.

​Where to Buy

​Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

[amazon box=”B009X9Z2FW”]


Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen has an attractive design and price point for an everyday pen. The pen is a fountain pen, so it writes smoothly and is great for autographs and signatures. It uses easy to change cartridges, so you don’t have to worry about carrying ink with you. The sleek black barrel with brass accents looks great, and the pen has a medium nib or fine tip nib option.

​Where to Buy

​The Verdict

The best EDC pen to carry in your bag or pocket is the Zebra F-701 Stainless Steel Ballpoint Retractable Pen. The stainless steel design is perfect for pocket carry and carrying in a bag full of personals because the durable pen will not run the risk of being punctured and leaking ink. The pen is not only durable but also has smooth ink and a 0.8mm ballpoint that is perfect for notes or signatures. The pen is refillable, so it will last longer than a disposable pen. We like this pen for outdoor travel or work where you might be taking notes or signing papers. The retractable design and textured grip bring this pen together making it our choice for the best EDC pen.

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