What Does a Hipster Look Like? How to Identify Your Tribe

Thinking Hipster is wearing a hat while sitting on the bench

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Everyone has heard the term hipster at one point or another. Hearing the word hipster can conjure thoughts of hippies, college kids, and a great many other types of person. So, what does a hipster look like exactly? In order to answer this question, first we have to look at what a hipster actually is.

Here are some tell-tale signs that you’re in good company as a hipster. If you believe you are a non-traditional independent thinker, have progressive beliefs, and prefer some of the trendier fashions, you are probably a hipster at heart. One of the most striking parts of being a hipster is to dress the part.

What Does A Hipster Look Like?

Hipsters come in many forms and there is no easy answer to the question what does a hipster look like. A hipster can look anywhere from business like to scruffy depending on what type of hipster they are. Yes, there are different types of hipster. Some types of hipster will focus more on attitude than style, while others are all about the look.

Hipster looks are determined by their region and how far they are willing to go to dress the part. There are a few things that make a hipster a hipster. One of the most popular hipster ideals is a break from the mainstream. Although mainstream is loosely defined, it is easy to see that anything that is acceptable by the fashion industry standards is not acceptable by hipster standards.

Many will argue that hipster is not necessarily a fashion but a way of thinking. This way of thinking also has a dress code that leaves behind the trappings of modern fashion and society. Much like previous generations, they choose to dress in a fashion that suits their personality. While there is no one way to dress as a hipster and there really is no right answer when it comes to fashion in general, there are at least 10 tell-tale signs that you are in good company when dressing like a hipster. Some of the most outward signs answer the question what does a hipster look like.

So What Does A Hipster Look Like?

The term hipster is both a fashion statement and a way of life. One easy way to spot a hipster is in what they wear every day. Although each person is unique, there are some fashion characteristics that are helpful in identifying them. Hipster clothing is fairly easy to pick out of a crowd. Despite the meme’s about hipsters, for many it is a way of life.

What Does A Hipster Look Like: Hipster Clothing

These 10 tell-tale signs will help you identify what does a hipster look like in every day dress. These are articles that no self respecting hipster can live without. These articles of clothing can help you answer the questions what does a hipster look like.

Flannel shirts

Flannel shirts are a staple for hipster clothing. Even in the summer time, you will find hipsters sporting their flannel button downs. No longer for just lumberjacks, flannel is the way to go to complete any hipster outfit. They now make lighter forms of flannel for those who like to wear it in the summer or under something warm.

Beat On Converse Shoes

No self respecting hipster would be without their secondhand or beat up converse high tops. The best way to accessorize your hipster gear is with a battered pair of Converse sneakers. They are available in all colors and many different styles including red, white, and blue.

Hair Done In Pastels

Although not specifically hipster, many hipsters are seen sporting pastel or grey hair. Pastels now come in just about every hair color brand including permanent and semi-permanent.

Bucket Hats

These are floppy hats with an almost bucket shape. Some hipsters substitute the bucket hat with a fisherman’s hat, minus the hooks and lures off course. These hats can be found at most thrift stores for next to nothing.

Overalls and Rompers

Overalls and rompers are not just for farmers and toddlers anymore. A staple of hipsters everywhere are these all-in-one jumpsuits for any occasion. There is no end to the color and style combinations with these items of clothing.

Brightly Colored Beanie Hats

Everyone appreciates a good beanie hat. For hipsters, the brighter the colors the better. Beanie hats not only keep your head warm, they can be quite the fashion statement when accessorized correctly.

Over-Sized Glasses

Even if you do not need corrective lenses, a set of over-sized glasses can give you an excellent hipster look. Glasses with noncorrective lenses can be purchased from optometrists and online from stores like Amazon. These glasses are usually thick with black or brown plastic frames.

Suspenders Are a Must

No hipster outfit is complete without suspenders. Suspenders come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so they can be matched with any hipster outfit. Suspenders are so popular they are often worn as a fashion accessory.

Hawaiian Shirts

One piece of clothing that no hipster closet should be without is at least one Hawaiian shirt. These versatile shirts are worn by hipsters as shirts, jackets, undershirts, or thrown over a shoulder as decoration.

What Does A Hipster Look Like: Hipster Behaviors

It is undeniable that hipsters behave a certain way and have their own fashion sense, aside from the clothes that they wear. They have a unique way of presenting themselves as well.

There Is Not Much Difference In Hair Styles

man wearing denim sport shirt and sunglasses on concrete flooring

Photo by James Marty on Unsplash

Males and female hipsters sport much the same hairstyles. Manbuns are also a thing. It is true, what is good for one is good for another. It takes time and effort for both genders to achieve their perfect messy hipster hair.

Movies Are Films

If it is not a “film,” then it is not worth it. Your movies are foreign, silent, or both. You flock to the film festivals showing the greatest films and Cannes specials. Old movie theaters are your go-to for a night out.

Glasses Are Not Just to Correct Your Vision

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Check out these nonprescription glasses, that have clear lenses for the perfect hipster look.

You Strive to Look Unique

man standing on railroad near plants

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Although all hipsters share a sense of style, there are hundreds of flea market and thrift store finds that perfect your look. If used isn’t your style, you can find a number of brand new distressed items just for you.

You Pride Yourself On Your Beard

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Beard grooming and beard pride are a struggle for hipsters. It takes time and practice to grow the perfect hipster facial hair. There are even specialized beard grooming products such as Beard and Bates Beard Grooming Kit found on Amazon. For the male hipster, beard art and professional grooming are essential to achieving the perfect hipster look.

You and Your Significant Other Look Alike

man passing through the door during daytime

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Most hipsters prefer androgenous fashions. Between the unisex hairstyles and similar clothing, you and your other half may as well be twins. This look is by choice and thrift store shopping together is a favorite activity.

You Know 100 Ways to Tie a Scarf and Use Them All

Hipster wearing scarf, hat and eye glasses

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Scarves are not just a fashion accessory; they are a way of life and useful for many things. An old scarf can double as a purse, bag, or carryall. You can use it to keep warm or simply accent those new earrings that you found at a second hand store. Hey, they also make excellent hair ties for men and women.

You Do Not Shop at Malls

people inside mall

Photo by Marcin Kempa on Unsplash

Although you might wear designer clothing, mall shopping is out. Any mass market commercialism is a definite no for hipsters. They prefer online shopping, thrift stores, bargains, and even discards from other stores. Perfecting the hipster look means searching for just the right clothing for the right time. Hipsters know all of the best places to get bargain designer clothing.

You Prefer Mason Jars to Cups

Ball mason jar on table

Photo by Ethan Sykes on Unsplash

Metal straws and mason jars are how hipsters prefer to drink. Whether it is a nonfat soy latte with extra foam and a single pump of pumpkin spice or a cool glass of organic, responsibly farmed lemonade, a hipster does not drink out of environment-ruining styrofoam or plastic. Mason jars are the preferred recycled cup, although many can be seen with recyclable paper cups and other environmentally friendly ware.

If you exhibit many of these telltale hipster signs, you’re in good company. There are many famous and infamous people who share you love for all things hipster. When you are asking what does a hipster look like, all you have to do is look in the mirror. Above are the top hipster looks and behaviors. Relax and enjoy your unique hipster style.

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