What Does EDC Stand For? What it Means and Why We Love It

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The world is full of acronyms nowadays. You’ve got text speak like LOL, name abbreviations like the C.I.A, and other abbreviations to help keep conversations short and sweet. With so many abbreviations, it can be really hard to find the meaning behind the letters. But for those wondering what does EDC stand for, we’ve got the answer.

What Does EDC Stand for?

EDC stands for ‘every day carry.’ It’s a label for items that people always carry around with them, and the EDC items in question can be different depending on who you are. They are smaller items that can fit in a backpack, purse, belt, or other storage space that you have with you. You just grab it and then you are off.

But now that you know what EDC stands for, you might be wondering what constitutes an EDC item. Maybe you have a bunch of items you can’t go without and want to figure out the best way to carry them. There are plenty of ways to choose your EDC items and carry them around, and we’ve done research into the best.

Where Did EDC Come From?

Everyone has items they can’t go without. For some it can be a phone and wallet, for others they might always leave the house with a snack or bottled water. They are things we grab and use for our day without thinking about them, but for this article, we will go with another definition for what does EDC stand for?

People don’t just see EDC as a group of letters but rather as a mindset. How many times have you substituted one tool for another? For example, instead of using scissors to open a package, you probably used your keys. You might have asked someone to borrow a pen rather than produce your own. People who use EDC as a mindset seek to become more efficient.

They equip themselves with the tools they might need so they don’t need to use a substitute or ask for help. It’s all about self-reliance. That’s the true answer to what does EDC stand for.

Use What You Might Need

If you look at some of the typical things that an EDC practitioner uses in their daily lives, you might scoff. Things like knives, lighters, and watches seem out of place with our phones and laptop culture. Besides, how often do you really need a knife?

Well, for EDC users, the mantra “It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it” comes into play. Someone who uses everyday carry items doesn’t want to ask for help and doesn’t want to use a substitute. So, you might not need a pocket knife every single day, but when someone needs a package opened… then you’ll be able to use it.

Prepare for Different Situations

So, if you want to have an EDC, you need to think about situations you could get into in your life. For example, everyone always seems to have their wallet with them. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, your wallet typically has your ID, any business or library cards, and a few other things in there.

If you get into a situation where you need to produce your ID on command, then you know you have your wallet to fill that role.

Other items work the same way. For example, a flashlight. If you go out during the day, the flashlight won’t be of much use. But what if you have to get something under your car seat and need a light source? Then you pull out your flashlight, use it, and then put it back.

It’s all about self-sufficiency, thinking ahead, and knowing that you have the right tools for any job that comes your way.

Infinitely Customizable

An EDC kit can be completely customized for your day-to-day life, and you can even have multiple kits! Everyone has different situations they encounter in life, and different priorities on different items, so no two EDC kits are the exact same.

For example, someone who spends a lot of time with technology is probably going to need a portable charger, extra batteries for their devices, and extra headphones if they need to take hands free calls. Someone who loves to spend time outdoors might carry snacks, a camera, a walking stick, and sunscreen.

No Wrong EDC’s

You might have gotten the answer wrong when we asked: What does EDC stand for? But you can’t get anything wrong when you build your own kit. As long as the items can

  • Serve a purpose
  • Make you more self-reliant
  • Are items you carry with you every day

Then anything can be in an EDC. The only thing you need to think of is how you are going to carry it all with you.

Carrying Options for Your Everyday Kit

Obviously, you need some way of storing all of this stuff, and it probably won’t all fit in your pockets. Depending on the size of the EDC kit, you’ll need one of many bag types. But keep in mind that the bag shouldn’t be big, bulky, or cumbersome to carry. You’ll be carrying it around every day after all!

Some items, such as your phone and wallet, will probably be in your pocket. So, get rid of those and any other item you will carry on a different part of your body. What’s left should be a small pile of maybe five to seven items.

If you have a small set of items that can easily fit into a pouch or carry-on bag, then consider investing in an over the shoulder pouch. The small items should be light, and most pouches have pockets and storage space so you can easily organize your items

Bigger Items

For larger EDC lists, consider getting a pack that you can wear around your waist. This option is good for someone who wants a full range of motion, and maybe someone who is standing all day. If you need your gear close at hand then a pack might be for you.

Alternately, you could also use a sling bag or backpack for very large EDC lists. Typically, these are only used for two reasons: Either someone is very specialized with their EDC needs and requires a lot of stuff, or the EDC is small. Then the EDC kit can be placed inside a regular backpack that carries non-essential stuff.

It All Depends on You

No matter what, as long as the EDC carrying case doesn’t impede your movement or act too bulky, it can be whatever size you want. Some people have small EDC’s and others have long lists, all depending on their lifestyle and personal needs.

Still, make sure your bag has an adjustable fit and is high quality. This will prevent the everyday use bag from falling apart and will make sure the bag is comfortable on you. Having tough, non-breakable zippers can also help with durability

CGive Your Kit an Update

Remember that your EDC kit is not set in stone, and it can be changed depending on your lifestyle and personal needs. It’s always a good idea to go through your bag every few months and analyze the items. You might find that you are going through the portable battery too fast so you should store a few extra.

Maybe you aren’t using your nail clippers as much as you thought, so you could phase them out. An EDC kit should be customizable, and it’s okay to upgrade to a bigger bag or downgrade to a smaller one, or let some items go. By looking at what you use and don’t use every couple of months, you can easily keep your kit up to date and still keep yourself prepared.

Of course, certain items will always be essentials, but having the ability to customize the rest of your pack can make creating and updating your EDC kit loads of fun.

Get In the Right Mindset

Every time you grab your phone and keys before leaving the house, you are using an EDC. But in order to have a true EDC, you need to be thinking in the right mindset. The best EDC’s don’t have the most expensive gadgets or the biggest storage bag, but they are instead kits that can help someone out when an emergency arises.

So, as you go about packing your EDC, think about what emergencies you might face. Even if they sound improbable, it’s better to be prepared for something that might happen. Once you get into the mindset of preparedness and self-sufficiency, then you’ll find that your EDC kit practically packs itself. Then you can know that you are always prepared.

In today’s crazy world, the knowledge that you can be ready for whatever gets thrown at you can be a good thing. Now that you know the answer to what does EDC stand for, go on and get started building your own!

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